The front door – it protects us from noise, moisture, cold, and of course, uninvited guests, but it is also the calling card of the house and allows guests to arrive in the house. But how do I find the front door that corresponds to my ideas? I tested the door designer myself and found out how I can design my dream front door.

With the door designer to your dream door!

You can easily use the door designer via smartphone, tablet, or computer, anywhere, 24 hours a day. This allows you to design the door individually and allows you to look at the door immediately. This turned out to be very practical to coordinate with my partner in the evening about the basic design.

Many options and variants for fulfilling all wishes!

In the designer, you will find many different door variants, and you get a good overview of the different design styles. You can use some filters to find the right door even faster. There are aluminum and wood/aluminum doors. Wooden doors offer a particularly high level of heat and sound insulation. Therefore, it should be a wood/aluminum door for us. In terms of the type of door, a distinction is made between doors with glass cutouts and fully closed doors. Security is also a big issue for us, so I chose additional burglary protection for more security right from the start.

Once you have decided on the basic door design, the specification follows. You now choose the system, the direction in which you want to add side panels or not, the door color, the wing color, and the glass structure of the door cutouts. You can also choose between many different door fittings, door handles, or knobs in different shapes, colors, and surfaces.

Finger scanner, more security, LED lighting – many extras for more comfort

There are also many extras to choose from: access systems from the finger scanner to the keypad (keypad), but also door locks and security cylinders, LED lighting in the shell handle or in the threshold area, which switches on in combination with a twilight switch when it gets dark. And the best thing is, you can also insert the door into a picture of an existing house to get a better impression of the design.

The price at a glance – everything under control!

During the whole process, the price is always shown, and you can immediately see which things are worth how much. So the cost/benefit calculation is also included. The result: I designed my dream door myself and designed it according to my ideas and wishes according to my budget. I was then able to look at the door using an example from the Internorm sales partner. After competent advice and the final touches, I then ordered the door and am looking forward to the installation.