Discover The Trends Of Residential Landscaping

Residential landscaping used by many landscaping companies is becoming a valuable and much-desired element today. Foliage, vertical gardens, and stones are trends that most influence when decorating. Especially because the residents have the desire to live in beautiful and functional spaces, reflecting their lifestyle. Therefore, worrying about this composition is essential to make your environment even more pleasant.

Gardens complement the space and improve people’s quality of life. If you are looking for inspiration to bring nature to your architectural project, we have prepared this article especially for you so you can consult your nearby landscaping companies.

Know the importance of residential landscaping and its main trends. Good reading!

Importance of residential landscaping

Decoration and well-being are proposals that must go together. For this reason, landscaping has become a priority in current projects, as it plays an important role with residents. After all, human beings have a profoundly positive reaction when they are close to nature.

Thermal comfort is one of the characteristics of residential landscaping, creating a peaceful and restorative feeling for space. Visually, incorporating nature into the decor can improve cognition, offering benefits such as lowering blood pressure and improving decision making.

Trends in residential landscaping

Decoration always accompanies the evolution of society. Nowadays, landscape experts will pay more attention to comfort to ensure a pleasant and comfortable garden. It is worth remembering that plants improve the air quality of the built areas.

This is because they are natural filters that remove carbon dioxide from the air, replacing it with oxygen. They also help to filter air pollutants, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment. Follow the main trends of the moment.

Bet on foliage

The foliage enhances the gardens, giving a more neutral and elegant touch to the environment. However, it is important to consider species suitable for the composition. One tip used by most companies is to establish harmony between plants without mixing so many types in the same environment to maintain visual balance.

For tropical decoration, palm trees and ferns are the best options. If you prefer a more rustic design, the cactus is excellent, and maintenance is very simple. Now, if you like a more differentiated style with an oriental aspect, betting on bamboos, junipers and azaleas are great for decorating your garden.

Create vertical gardens

You can plant fresh herbs, seasonal plants, or species, both inside and outside the residence. This garden style is very functional since the air circulates well around the plants, and they also receive a lot of sun. Therefore, there is much less risk of suffering from mold or fungus.

When installed on the external wall of the house, the vertical garden acts as an excellent natural insulator, making the internal temperature lower. This is because the plants and the garden structure itself create a barrier through which the sun cannot penetrate. They also reduce heat and reflective light. Thus, it is not necessary to activate the air conditioning during the warmer months.

Use stones in the decoration

If the goal is to cover the space, stones are great choices, as they require less maintenance compared to grass, for example. For this, most experts recommended applying a geotextile blanket or bidim before placing them. This prevents direct contact with the soil, making it easier to dirty them.

The sensory experience created by landscaping is unbelievable when the environment offers functionality and comfort to residents and visitors. If you are thinking about renovating your architectural project, these tips are great to get started.

The 1 × 1 When Buying A Door – You Should Know These Technical Terms

A front door offers protection, privacy, and is also the business card of the house. But a door is not just a door: in addition to a large selection of different materials and design styles, attention must also be paid to the nature, processing, and functionality of a front door. With this 1 × 1, you are perfectly equipped for your next-door purchase.

Surface and variety of designs

Wood-aluminum or aluminum, side panels or pilaster strips: You can choose from a variety of different designs for the front doors:

Choosing the right material 

For the wood-aluminum doors, you can choose a surface made from the different types of wood from spruce and ash to larch to walnut or oak. Wood designs, in particular, ensure warmth and comfort in your entrance area. Modern design and timeless elegance can be found in the aluminum front doors. You have a variety of design and color options available. It is always important when choosing the design that it is based on the character of your home. Your front door can also be perfectly combined with your window systems, thanks to a large selection of materials and colors for a consistent and uniform style. In addition to the classic material, there are also new trends such as front doors with a concrete, rust, stone, or steel look.

Light cutout and side part

With the choice of a light cutout or side panel, the front door gets a personal touch. A light cutout called a glass cutout or glass insert is a set opening within the door, which is closed by a glass pane. The side panel is a fixed side frame that complements the front door and is filled with glass, aluminum, or wood-aluminum. These details bring additional light accents to the interior and, at the same time, make the door area appear more spacious. Also, you can often choose from different special and designer glasses.

Pilaster strips and groove

In addition to light cutouts, the door can also be refined with vertical or horizontal narrow decorations, so-called pilaster strips, and groove milling – definitely an eye-catcher in the entrance area.

Door hinge

Another door element is the hinge, also known as a hinge or hinge. A concealed hinge system enables the door to be integrated into the living room without annoying fittings, making the hinge invisible from the outside.

Door leaf

The last distinguishing feature in the door design is the door leaf. Here you can choose between a full-surface and profile. A full-surface door leaf is understood to mean that the door can be mounted flush with the wall surface. On the other hand, the profiled door leaf is more or less contoured – just provided with a profile. Also, you can extend the door leaf with LED lighting in the handle or the floor area (threshold) and thus highlight the entrance area with light accents.

Processing the door 

The door can be visually appealing – but if noise, unpleasant smells, or cold drafts come in, it will have little pleasure in the long run. When buying a new front door, you should pay attention to the processing or insulation of the door and, in particular, to thermal insulation and sound insulation. Wood-aluminum doors consist of a composite of wood, thermal foam, and aluminum, and the aluminum doors consist of a multi-layer panel structure, which ensures excellent insulation. Wood-aluminum doors are also suitable for low energy and passive houses due to the material combination. Which door best suits your home depends on several factors and is best discussed directly with your advisor.

Which Front Door Fits My House? Easily Design Them Yourself!

The front door – it protects us from noise, moisture, cold, and of course, uninvited guests, but it is also the calling card of the house and allows guests to arrive in the house. But how do I find the front door that corresponds to my ideas? I tested the door designer myself and found out how I can design my dream front door.

With the door designer to your dream door!

You can easily use the door designer via smartphone, tablet, or computer, anywhere, 24 hours a day. This allows you to design the door individually and allows you to look at the door immediately. This turned out to be very practical to coordinate with my partner in the evening about the basic design.

Many options and variants for fulfilling all wishes!

In the designer, you will find many different door variants, and you get a good overview of the different design styles. You can use some filters to find the right door even faster. There are aluminum and wood/aluminum doors. Wooden doors offer a particularly high level of heat and sound insulation. Therefore, it should be a wood/aluminum door for us. In terms of the type of door, a distinction is made between doors with glass cutouts and fully closed doors. Security is also a big issue for us, so I chose additional burglary protection for more security right from the start.

Once you have decided on the basic door design, the specification follows. You now choose the system, the direction in which you want to add side panels or not, the door color, the wing color, and the glass structure of the door cutouts. You can also choose between many different door fittings, door handles, or knobs in different shapes, colors, and surfaces.

Finger scanner, more security, LED lighting – many extras for more comfort

There are also many extras to choose from: access systems from the finger scanner to the keypad (keypad), but also door locks and security cylinders, LED lighting in the shell handle or in the threshold area, which switches on in combination with a twilight switch when it gets dark. And the best thing is, you can also insert the door into a picture of an existing house to get a better impression of the design.

The price at a glance – everything under control!

During the whole process, the price is always shown, and you can immediately see which things are worth how much. So the cost/benefit calculation is also included. The result: I designed my dream door myself and designed it according to my ideas and wishes according to my budget. I was then able to look at the door using an example from the Internorm sales partner. After competent advice and the final touches, I then ordered the door and am looking forward to the installation.