I make two premises before starting with the story; the first, that this is our first travel diary,
the second to specify our way of traveling: we like to organize trips independently without
relying on agencies …

Let’s go to the pool for a while, go out for something to eat (near the hotel there is
McDonald’s, the first I see in Jordan) and then go back to the hotel to see if the room is ready.

Climbed, we enter a splendid room with a view of Eilat. The day continues on the beach
where it is quite hot … The Gulf of Aqaba certainly does not offer a splendid view, on the
contrary, the adjacent port completely ruins the view. The beach is sandy and small, but
nothing is missing.

Around 18.00 we decide to go and look for a diving center, also because the diving area is 12
km south of Aqaba and we still have the car until 22.00, so we don’t have to take a taxi.

NOTE FOR SCUBA DIVERS: there are various diving in Aqaba and are mainly divided
into those who dive from the boat and those from the beach. Like prices, the former is clearly
the most expensive and offer packages of two dives and lunch at 50JD. From land, they cost
around 20JD per dive and make 3 per day. I chose Aqaba Adventures Divers by Talal 16JD
to dive without equipment because I had everything. The center is certainly not the best, there
was often no water, but they are really smart and nice, they are finishing to prepare the new
center nearby in a small but comfortable residence. We have seen it under construction (work
completed this fall) and it will certainly be very functional and beautiful, at attractive prices.

In the evening we have dinner at the famous La Floka, and we are certainly not disappointed,
the fish is really good.

Tired we go back to the hotel and finally we sleep tomorrow.

The days in Aqaba were almost similar: diving, relaxation and walks in the evening. So I’ll
make a list of tips on the most interesting things, the restaurants we enjoyed and some tips for

There are 2 hotels with a beach: Intercontinental and Movenpik, the others all have no beach.
Those in the center are a bit uncomfortable and certainly not comfortable. The beautiful
beach is the south beach (12km south of Aqaba), where diving also starts, the one in the center is
neither the free one nor the hotels one.

In south beach they are completing a huge complex of hotels and shops, here you certainly
have the advantage of the beautiful sea, but the disadvantage of being far from the center and
certainly, as an area, it does not have the charm of the real Aqaba.
If you have a car, however, I highly recommend this area and I would not underestimate the
new Talal residence, especially for diving enthusiasts or for those who want pleasant
accommodation at a good price.

The most famous restaurants can be found on all guides, but beware that some no longer exist
and you risk wasting time looking for them. Apart from the most famous, I can recommend
the pizzeria / ice cream parlor "Al Corso" if you are tired of spicy foods and want to treat
yourself to a good pizza (I recommend the calzone in particular) at a very low cost. It is
located on Al-Nahda Street.